Three little ducks cake

Three little ducks cake


Birthday celebrations mean cake, so wow the kids with this impressive creation!

The ingredient of Three little ducks cake

  1. 2 x 340g packets golden buttercake cake mix or 2 quantities Homemade buttercakes (see related recipe)
  2. 1/4 cup desiccated coconut
  3. 21 flaked almonds
  4. Black writing icing (see note)
  5. 1/2 Flake chocolate bar
  6. 4 lolly mint leaves
  7. 1 1/2 packets edible sugar flowers
  8. 250g butter, softened
  9. 3 cups icing sugar mixture
  10. 2 tbsp milk
  11. Food colouring (Blue, yellow and green )

The instruction how to make Three little ducks cake

  1. Preheat oven to 180C/160C fan-forced. Grease a 7cm-deep, 22cm (base) round cake pan. Line base and side with baking paper. Grease 3 holes of a 1/3 cup-capacity muffin pan.
  2. Prepare packet cakes following packet directions or homemade cakes (see related recipe). Half-fill prepared muffin holes with batter. Spread remaining batter into prepared cake pan. Bake muffins for 20 minutes or until cooked through. Remove from oven. Bake cake for 1 hour or until cooked through. Stand in pans for 5 minutes. Turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely.
  3. Make icing: Using an electric mixer, beat butter in a bowl until pale. Gradually add icing sugar mixture and milk, beating constantly until combined.
  4. Spoon 1/4 cup icing into a bowl. Tint icing blue. Repeat with 1/2 cup icing and yellow food colouring. Tint remaining icing light green. Spoon 2 tablespoons green icing into a bowl. Tint a darker green colour. Place coconut in a snap-lock bag. Add 2 drops yellow colouring. Seal bag. Shake, scrunching with hands to distribute colour evenly.
  5. Cut top from each muffin and discard. Cut muffin bases to form duck shapes (see Cooking class, below). Spread muffins lightly with yellow icing. Toss in coconut (reshaping into duck shapes if necessary). Use almonds to form beak, wings and tail feathers on ducks. Using black writing gel, pipe eyes onto ducks. Set aside.
  6. Using a serrated knife, level top of cake if necessary. Place cake on board cut-side down. Reserve 1/4 cup light green icing. Spread top and side of cake with remaining light green icing. Using a palette knife, dab icing on top of cake to create a rough texture. Dollop reserved light green icing onto 1 side of cake to form a hill, spreading to smooth edges. Spread blue icing on top of cake, opposite hill, to form a 12cm oval pond. Using a sharp knife, split Flake bar into 2cm to 3cm shards. Position around pond to form logs.
  7. Cut 3 mint leaves into thirds lengthways. Press 1 piece on each toothpick to form a stem. Press 2 pieces on toothpicks to create leaves. Press flowers on stems. Insert flowers in cake. Cut remaining leaf horizontally in half. Place in pond.
  8. Position ducks on cake. Spoon dark green icing into a piping bag fitted with a grass nozzle (see related article). Pipe grass, in clusters, on top of cake and around base. Decorate with remaining flowers. Serve.

Nutritions of Three little ducks cake

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